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Our purpose

Collaborative Growth

At Linksider, we believe in the power of collaboration and learning to foster the growth of startups & SMBs. Our purpose is to become the leading community of mentors in Europe, dedicated to actively supporting the development of startups. Our ultimate goal is to help each startup grow and succeed. We believe that every entrepreneur deserves access to quality support and valuable resources to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Together, as a community, we make a difference by nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and fostering innovation.

Your Network

By joining the collaborative growth, startup founders and SMEs gain a broader vision and accelerate their growth through:

  • Guidance from the best mentors who are experienced executives, passionate about innovation.
  • Mutualized ecosystems of the mentors: today, their personal contacts open doors in large companies across various sectors such as food, cosmetics, finance, public, industrial, consumer goods, distribution, tech, and many more, all around the world.
  • The strength of collective wisdom: multiple mentors simultaneously contribute, expanding the entrepreneur's perspective.
  • Transmission of codes: every company has its own codes, and mentors share them with entrepreneurs. At Linksider, we like to say, 'Mix the codes!'
  • Growing by doing! Thanks to mentors' introductions, founders and entrepreneurs connect with decision-makers in large companies and find their future clients.
  • How does it work?

1. Create your profile

Start by registering on our platform as an entrepreneur. Fill out your profile and describe your growth objectives, challenges, and areas where you need help.

2. AI Matchmaking

Our intelligent matchmaking algorithm analyzes your needs and preferences to pair you with the most suitable mentors for your situation. We emphasize diverse skills and industries to ensure relevant guidance.

3. Growth Boards

You may be selected to join a growth board. This board consists of experienced mentors who will accompany you in a collective session to help address your business development questions.

4. Flash-mentoring

Benefit from flash-mentoring sessions, virtual one-on-one meetings with mentors. These quick and targeted sessions allow you to receive instant advice on specific issues and benefit from our mentors' expertise.

5. Growth introductions

The ultimate level for your growth: a collective of mentors from the sectors you target in your business strategy will introduce you each month to several prospect decision-makers, potential clients, or partners.

Our Mentors

Mentors from Leading Companies

Mentors at Linksider are executive or senior-level professionals from renowned companies, equipped with solid expertise in their respective domains. Their close relationships with decision-makers in large companies: former colleagues, and business connections, enable privileged relationships and fruitful collaborations. Through these strategic connections, they can open doors for entrepreneurs and facilitate access to key opportunities.

Mentors Eager to Share

Our mentors are driven by a dual desire: to share their knowledge and expertise with entrepreneurs and to stay updated in an ever-evolving entrepreneurial world. They understand that startups constantly push the boundaries of innovation and disruption. By interacting with bold and innovative entrepreneurs, our mentors share their social capital while gaining new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Action-driven mentors

Our mentors don't just provide theoretical advice; they are truly focused on taking action and providing concrete support to entrepreneurs. They apply Linksider's methodology and coaching to organize strategic introductions with the right contacts, both within large Enterprises and the startup ecosystem. These targeted introductions enable startups to connect with the right people, unlock business opportunities, and foster their growth.

For Whom ?

You are a founder or sales director of innovative startups, scaleups, and SMEs looking to sell your products & services to major companies.

All companies that sell a tailor-made service (consulting firms, communication agencies, digital agencies, digital service companies) and need to meet the potential client first. They cannot be satisfied with Content Marketing and Growth Hacking. These are the partners or senior profiles who attend prospecting meetings. They need a tool for obtaining prospecting appointments that specifically targets users, decision-makers and potential sponsors of their product within the large account, without going through mass mailing or telemarketing.

See business cases
"Thanks to the mentors, the Pitech Plus team gains access to hard-to-reach targets, including executive decision-makers in large companies. These decision-makers are in high demand. Traditional salespeople struggle to secure presentation meetings with this type of profile."
Bogdan Herea
Founder of Pitech Plus
The market is moving rapidly, there are multiple sectors, and we can't be omniscient, we can't be everywhere. With Linksider, I can tap into networks beyond my natural reach.
Antoine Pernet
Founder of Microdoing
"The mentors help us increase our credibility with major groups and refine our approach. They serve as a powerful commercial asset."
Mikael Deraed
President of ITDM Group
The founder of a B2B marketplace specializing in fintechs. She wishes to benefit from a rapid dissemination of her platform to her prospective banks and investment funds.
Her targets :
CEOs, Chief Investment Officer, Partnership Director
The country director of a digital security mid-size company. He wishes to contact IT security departments at the headquarters of multinational companies.
His targets :
The creators of a technological solution for piloting strategic projects based on machine learning, hesitating to hire a sales manager to develop their turnover.
The targets :
Strategy Directors, Projects Directors, COOs
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