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Be part of successful B2B startups and meet your future customers in big companies thanks to our collaborative growth platform.
Rely on the collective strength of carefully selected corporate mentors who obtain quick introductions with decision-makers in corporate accounts.
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Our purpose

The Sales Revolution

Our main purpose is to create bonds between startups and corporates. Everything is easier when you know the right person. Linksider was born out of a desire: providing every entrepreneur with an access to the right decision-makers. When founders finish soliciting their first network, Linksider takes over. We have assembled an unprecedented commercial strike force thanks to our mentors, successful business executives, who share their contacts. Favour returned !

it works ?

A warm intro is a physical, telephone or video meeting with a qualified decision maker. It's simple, you only buy warm introductions. And that's all.
You will benefit from collective mentoring, several mentors selected on their background and strengths and convinced by your business model will accompany you. They won't tell you what to do, they will do with you.
You do not have to select the mentors. We curate among the best talents from big corporations and benefiting from years of experience and an established ecosystem. We animate the community and put the mentors in the best conditions so that they can perform the intros for you. So prepare your pitch, you have mentors to convince!

1. Introduce your business and pitch

Use your best story-telling abilities to present a convincing pitch of your business for the mentors

2. Specify who you want to meet

Tell us about the companies and decision makers that interest you: define your buyer persona.

3. Meet or have a call with your targets

Get proposals for face-to-face or telephone meetings with decision-makers with a full brief on the contact person's profile and tips to help you break the ice.

4. Rate your introduction

Give your feedback after each introduction, easily collaborate with your insider via chat, messaging, give your suggestions for approach.

Our Mentors

High Level executives, CEOs and consultants

Their address book has been built and enriched during their professional careers. Insiders have a 25+ years of Enterprise successful career. They have an impressive academic background .

Senior Leaders who open their networks for you.

In sales, there are hunters and farmers. Our insiders are farmers who maintain long-term relationships with their contacts. No need to explain to them what a business opportunity is and how a sales cycle works. They know how to detect and present an opportunity, they know your codes and your professional jargon. They own business etiquette.

They are ready to send the elevator back

A community of experienced men and women who share with those in need of a boost. Going into the unknown is not always easy. They are there to support you in your B2B business prospecting efforts.

For Whom ?

For founders and sales directors of startups, scaleups and innovative businesses seeking to sell to Enterprise accounts, or 'corporates'.

All companies that sell a tailor-made service (consulting firms, communication agencies, digital agencies, digital service companies) and need to meet the potential client first. They cannot be satisfied with Content Marketing and Growth Hacking. These are the partners or senior profiles who attend prospecting meetings. They need a tool for obtaining prospecting appointments that specifically targets users, decision-makers and potential sponsors of their product within the large account, without going through mass mailing or telemarketing.

See business cases
The partner of a communication agency working with luxury sector and retail companies. She wants to quickly build a sales pipeline for the new line of services she has just created.
Her targets :
Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Communication Officer
The creators of a tech solution for piloting strategic projects based on machine learning. He is hesitating to hire a sales manager to develop the company's turnover.
His targets :
Strategy Director, Project Director, COOs
The partner of a strategy consulting firm specialized in performance. He looks to perform commercial presentations to decision-makers who optimize the performance of their groups.
His targets :
CFOs, CEOs, Purchasing Directors
The founder of a B2B marketplace specializing in fintechs. She wishes to benefit from a rapid dissemination of her platform to her prospective banks and investment funds.
Her targets :
CEOs, Chief Investment Officer, Partnership Director
The country director of a digital security mid-size company. He wishes to contact IT security departments at the headquarters of multinational companies.
His targets :
The creators of a technological solution for piloting strategic projects based on machine learning, hesitating to hire a sales manager to develop their turnover.
The targets :
Strategy Directors, Projects Directors, COOs
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